Begin your day with indoor SPA. Both men and women are furnished with locker room, cold and hot bath pool, shower and lounge room. This is only portion of the facility that separates men and women.


In the ancient time, our ancestors built wooden cabin and heated with logs and rocks. They would sit inside the cabin until they were hot enough to sweat heavily. This was the procedure for them to cleanse their skin, relieve muscle, and joint pains. Following the heat treatment, they would clean themselves with snow or cold water from the stream to close the pores. The whole idea of this procedure was to cleanse the body with hot treatment and wash away the dirt from sweat with something cold like snow or cold water to close the opened pores.


Steam Room is built differently from other saunas, due to the higher concentration of hot steam that is released thru the nozzle. This moisture treatment is therapeutic for the skin and body, but also very beneficial for respiratory system. Breathing passages are soothed because of increased moisture content in your lungs, throat and nose. So with all these issues can be resolved in one place, why not try the steam room to experience the therapeutic healing the opened pores.


At 2nd and 3rd Floor, there are 10 individual massage rooms. With the exceptional staffs who are professionals, you can experience the best service from King Sauna.

Relieve your daily stress and feel refreshed.

When you experience this massage, it will increase the blood circulation and especially, it has a great effect in exerting toxins out of your body. It will also it boost the energy into your muscle and nerves which in turn will relieve your fatigue and increase your overall reaction time.



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