When volcano spurts, energy that occurs assimilates and is stored. And we call this miracle rock. CHEONGITO is good for deodorization effect and one of the effects is to sweat rather easily. CHEONGITO will revitalize your stamina and helps to prevent aging process.


This pyramid is built from 23k genuine gold leaves. It activates human bio-energy, enhances immunity against disease, and has anti-aging effect on the skin. By revitalizing the inner energy, it increases the immunity against diseases. Also, by increasing the process to relieve harmfulness materials from the body, it has great effect on preventing certain diseases, maintaining firm skin as well as preventing aging process.

In gold, there is nerve relaxing effect, detoxification effect, skin cleansing effect, arthritis relief, as wells as neuralgia which have been stated in herbal medicine teachings. It has been stated that modern medicine around 1890’s has started to utilize gold as medicine. In Europe around 1927, there is a record where doctors have used gold to treat rheumatism, and arthritis. In addition, they have also used gold to treat cancer along with the radiation treatment to kill cancer cells.


This sauna is built by rock and salt along with various minerals from the state of Utah. It has a significant effect of sweating out toxins from the human body. Moreover, it improves the condition of skin disease as well as softening of the human skin.

Salt does not only accelerate our metabolism, it provides important nutrients such as minerals, sodium, potassium, nickel, iron and zinc. Although mineral exists in pure water and through food, but the ultimate source is in salt. Likewise, it is good to add salts to drinking water to supplement the minerals. Minerals help to cleanse our blood, help our digestive system, and assist liver functions to prevent proteins to be wasted in our body.


Most of the floors have lounge area where you could sit back and relax. Surf the internet or check your email in PC room while you rest. All lounges have comfortable chairs.


By the basic fundamental where all of the nerves are connected to foot, and by stimulating the reflex, the blood circulation increases. Person who walks, the circulation is concentrated at the toe, however, due to various stress and bad habits, toxins are formed and build at the end of our foot. This creates unnecessary blood circulation and increases the aging process and various diseases. Therefore, to resolve these effects, without side effect, to relieve stress and by utilizing the reflexes, it helps to achieve health recovery through foot massage.


Hwang Toh means Yellow Mud in Korean.

Tranditional Koreans have always utilized this Yellow Mud for many different purpose. This Yellow Mud has been known as “Solar Energy Storage” and it is said to be essential to all mankind.

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