Dining Area

Come and relax with authentic Korean food at King SPA & Sauna. Our experienced chefs prepare all the food from top quality ingredients.




Main Dish

Most dishes include side dish and rice.

산채 비빔밥 – Assorted Vegetable Over Rice
Assorted seasoned vegetables.

비빔밥 – Assorted Vegetable w/Beef
Fried egg over the ground beef, mixed seasoned vegetables and rice.

미역국 – Hot Seaweed Soup
Korean beef broth soup with seaweed.

mostpopular.jpg 육계장 – Spicy Soup w/Veg. & Meat
Korean beef broth soup with vegetables.

된장찌개 – Soybean Paste Stew
Soybean Stew with vegetables.

호박죽 – Pumpkin Porridge
Bowl of pumpkin porridge, mixed with red bean and ground pumpkin.

삼계탕 – Traditional Korean Chicken Soup
Stuffed with Ginseng, Garlic, Chestnut, Jujube and Rice

우거지국 – Korean Style Soybean Soup
Korean style soybean & fish broth soup.

순두부 – Spicy Soft Tofu Stew
Traditional Korean soft tofu stew with mixed seafood.

떡만두국 – Rice Cake & Dumpling Soup
Special beef short rib broth soup with homemade beef dumplings.

카레라이스 – Spicy Beef Curry over Rice
Curry sauce with mixed diced beef, potatos, carrots and peas over rice.

mostpopular.jpg 도시락 – Bento Box
Choice of Chicken, Spicy Pork or Beef


Grill Dish

Most dishes include side dish and rice.

mostpopular.jpg 불고기 – Sauteed Marinated Beef
Sauteed marinated thin sliced beef with traditional Korean BBQ sauce.

낙지볶음 – Spicy Sauteed Octopus
Sauteed sliced octopus. Mixed with traditional Korean spicy sauce.

제육볶음 – Spicy Sauteed Pork
Sauteed marinated sliced pork. Mixed with traditional Korean spicy sauce.

mostpopular.jpg 치킨데리야끼 – Chicken Teriyaki
Traditional Japanese style. Sauteed thin sliced chicken with teriyaki sauce.


mostpopular.jpg 해물칼국수 – Seafood Noodle Soup
Thick noodle with various seafood.

라면 – Ramyun
Traditional Korean style spicy beef broth noodle soup.

우동 – Udon
Traditional Japanese style noodle soup.

비빔국수 – Spicy Cold Noodle
Mixed cold noodle with spicy kimchi sauce.

비빔냉면 – Spicy Buckwheat Cold Noodle
Traditional Korean style cold buckwheat noodle.




야채만두 – Fried Vegetable Dumplings
Pan fried homemade dumplings.

고기만두 – Pan Fried Beef Dumplings
Pan fried homemade dumplings.

물만두 – Boiled Dumplings
Traditional Korean style boiled dumplings.

치킨 샐러드 – Chicken Salad
Thin sliced grilled chicken over the fresh romaine lettuce.




Fruit Bowl

Carrot | Strawberry | Kiwi | Papaya | Pineapple | Banana Shake | Fresh Watermelon | Strawberry & Kiwi | Strawberry & Banana


Fresh Watermelon Bowl
mostpopular.jpg Pot Bing Su
Sweet Rice Drink

Iced Coffee
Hot Coffee
Fresh Hot Ginger Tea
Hot Tea
Bottle Water







Sushi Menu



Salmon Avocado

Eel Avocado

Spicy Tuna

Spicy Salmon

California Roll

Philadelphia Roll

Cucumber Avocado

Avocado Roll

Alaska Roll


Boston Roll

Salmon Roll

Tuna Roll

Yellowtail Roll

Crab Avocado Roll

Apple Cucumber

Fruit Roll

Special Rolls

Bamboo Roll

Tuna Party


Rainbow Cali Roll

Rainbow Eel Roll

Dragon Roll mostpopular.jpg

Red Dragon Roll

Salmon Mango Roll mostpopular.jpg

Maru Roll

BBQ Eel Roll

Fantastic Roll mostpopular.jpg

Red Mango Roll

Tiger Roll

Lobster Roll