Dining Area

Come and relax with authentic Korean food at King SPA & Sauna. Our experienced chefs prepare all the food from top quality ingredients.




Main Dish

Most dishes include side dish and rice.

산채 비빔밥 – Assorted Vegetable Over Rice
Assorted seasoned vegetables.

비빔밥 – Assorted Vegetable w/Beef
Fried egg over the ground beef, mixed seasoned vegetables and rice.

미역국 – Hot Seaweed Soup
Korean beef broth soup with seaweed.

mostpopular.jpg 육계장 – Spicy Soup w/Veg. & Meat
Korean beef broth soup with vegetables.

된장찌개 – Soybean Paste Stew
Soybean Stew with vegetables.

호박죽 – Pumpkin Porridge
Bowl of pumpkin porridge, mixed with red bean and ground pumpkin.

삼계탕 – Traditional Korean Chicken Soup
Stuffed with Ginseng, Garlic, Chestnut, Jujube and Rice

우거지국 – Korean Style Soybean Soup
Korean style soybean & fish broth soup.

순두부 – Spicy Soft Tofu Stew
Traditional Korean soft tofu stew with mixed seafood.

떡만두국 – Rice Cake & Dumpling Soup
Special beef short rib broth soup with homemade beef dumplings.

카레라이스 – Spicy Beef Curry over Rice
Curry sauce with mixed diced beef, potatos, carrots and peas over rice.

mostpopular.jpg 도시락 – Bento Box
Choice of Chicken, Spicy Pork or Beef


Grill Dish

Most dishes include side dish and rice.

mostpopular.jpg 불고기 – Sauteed Marinated Beef
Sauteed marinated thin sliced beef with traditional Korean BBQ sauce.

낙지볶음 – Spicy Sauteed Octopus
Sauteed sliced octopus. Mixed with traditional Korean spicy sauce.

제육볶음 – Spicy Sauteed Pork
Sauteed marinated sliced pork. Mixed with traditional Korean spicy sauce.

mostpopular.jpg 치킨데리야끼 – Chicken Teriyaki
Traditional Japanese style. Sauteed thin sliced chicken with teriyaki sauce.


mostpopular.jpg 해물칼국수 – Seafood Noodle Soup
Thick noodle with various seafood.

라면 – Ramyun
Traditional Korean style spicy beef broth noodle soup.

우동 – Udon
Traditional Japanese style noodle soup.

비빔국수 – Spicy Cold Noodle
Mixed cold noodle with spicy kimchi sauce.

비빔냉면 – Spicy Buckwheat Cold Noodle
Traditional Korean style cold buckwheat noodle.




야채만두 – Fried Vegetable Dumplings
Pan fried homemade dumplings.

고기만두 – Pan Fried Beef Dumplings
Pan fried homemade dumplings.

물만두 – Boiled Dumplings
Traditional Korean style boiled dumplings.

치킨 샐러드 – Chicken Salad
Thin sliced grilled chicken over the fresh romaine lettuce.




Fruit Bowl

Carrot | Strawberry | Kiwi | Papaya | Pineapple | Banana Shake | Fresh Watermelon | Strawberry & Kiwi | Strawberry & Banana


Fresh Watermelon Bowl
mostpopular.jpg Pot Bing Su
Sweet Rice Drink

Iced Coffee
Hot Coffee
Fresh Hot Ginger Tea
Hot Tea
Bottle Water