What is included in admission?

The general admission includes the King Spa outfit, towel and all the access to saunas in the facility. We provide PC in our new 2nd floor. Wifi is also available.

How long can I stay?

You are entitled to stay up to 24 hours with few limitation. There is a $10 overnight surcharge to be applied for all admittance staying over 2am for the same day. After 24 hours of stay, $45 will be applied for an extra day. We do not allow re-entry after being checked out or leaving the facility.

Do I need reservation?

No reservations are required for general admission. Only for premium services like massages, body scrub, beauty and nail salon.

Can I bring my children to the facility?

Children under the age of 10 are not permitted in the facility without any exception. Children between 10 to 18 years of age must be accompanied by same sex guardian. The guardian must sign a waiver for at the front desk. Seniors are also required to sign a wavier form.

What is the dress policy?

King Spa provides complimentary outfit to all our guests. The purpose of the outfit is to absorb sweat from the saunas. King Spa has two separate locations where you must be nude. To use men’s spa/bathing and women’s spa/bathing areas, the user must be nude. If you feel uncomfortable, please proceed to saunas after dressed in appropriate outfit.

What is the cell phone policy?

Cell phone is not allowed in all the bathing areas and inside the saunas. Our guest must keep the cell phone ring to minimum or on silent. Speakerphone usage is prohibited in all areas. We provide cell phone charging station on mezzanine floor.

What is the footwear policy?

Shoes and slippers are not allowed inside the facility. King Spa is a barefoot facility. Shoes could be secured inside the locker or shoe-rack in the locker room.

What is the alcohol and smoking policy?

King Spa is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility. We will eject without refund, if smoking or drinking alcohol occurs on our premises.

What to do if I see other guests being disruptive?

We have floor managers to maintain the relaxing environment. We urge you to report it to our staff members or the front desk immediately. Disruptive guest will be given a warning. If the disruptive behavior continues after one warning, the guest will be asked to leave the facility without refund.