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For more than 500 hundred years, traditional Koreans have been utilizing this type of hot room for remedies to varieties of illness and pains. Oak tree woods are burned at high temperature in a structure that is always dome shaped. The floor is composed of layers of Loess (yellow soil) and salt to enhance the body to detoxify while sweating. The room temperature is at 200 degrees Celsius so anybody entering this room must cover themselves with the provided cloth.

The main purpose of this room was for people to extremely sweat in order to detoxify and purify their body. Mainly, it helped people with arthritis, rheumatism, aches, and pains. Also, another advantage is that the skin feels smoother and revived due to the extreme sweat in the heat and waste material flowing out of the pores.


Amethyst Sauna

Ancient soldiers wore helmets made with Amethyst component. Amethyst stone was considered to be an antidote for alcohol intoxication, headaches, and other pains in the body. Wine glasses were often carved from this stone to prevent from being drunk. Also, people believed that Amethyst will detoxify and assist in blood circulation for human body. Presently, Amethyst is being utilized in many areas like sauna rooms, cosmetic ingredients, chinaware, and many other items.


Mineral Salt Sauna

This incredible mineral salt is 100% pure and drawn from underground mines in Utah and is listed as an organic production. Mineral salt room is composed of pure blocks of salt brought from the Utah’s mountain. In ancient times, a great salt-saturated sea existed in Utah. Water from the sea eventually evaporated leaving bed of rock salt where it lay undisturbed for thousands of years covered with volcanic ashes, protecting these precious deposits against the pollution. Unlike other sea salt, this Utah mountain mineral salt has unique color and texture. This is a result of more than 50 natural trace of minerals found in this special salt, which is essential to the body. In modern life this special salt is extracted from the underground for the humans to utilize in many different ways.


Yellow Ocher Sauna

Traditional Koreans have always utilized this Yellow Mud for many different purposes. This yellow mud has been known as “Solar Energy Storage” and it is said to be essential to all mankind. This fertile mud is natural substances that are derived from the banks of the river and the yellow color is a result from certain iron and minerals compound found in the water. It preserves the heat, coolness, and moisture accordingly to each climate change and distributes appropriately.


Ice Sauna